Yasin Torki - 'The Love'

Yasin Torki

The Love

Music: Yasin Torki
Arrangement: Yasin Torki
Cover Art: Pouya Beizaei
Download Now Lyrics 651K Plays Date Added: November 25, 2015
Good morning life good morning sun
Today is best time for smile and fun
Good morning my love my sweet wife
With you forever I love the life
Hug the positive energy near us
It’s a best time for a chaos
Clap yourself for staying with me
Don’t let yourself cutting the wrong tree
Life is a garden between the hells
When it’s hard you should be well
Stay around me don’t be afraid
God is near ring the bell
Poems are dream life is real
Loving someone is the biggest deal
Say good morning to life soon
Your life will be honey like honey moon


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