Tohid Tohidi - 'Kooche'

Tohid Tohidi


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I stayed with steps
You left with alley (or I & steps stayed. You & alley left)
Separation is accepted
I'll forget you (or ill get over you)
I'll leave I'll die
If this is all you want
She didn't let me stay with her
God stay with her forever
You weren't patient
It could be better
We could make together
A sweet dream
A dream that now is just a nightmare
A sun that now is just a lantern
(Or light)
Our story wasn't a game
How hard is its absence
How hard is its silence
Me, sleeping pills ,a cup of water
A fish in drought with some bubbles
I see you in my dreams
Or( I see you in my dreams
Let me stay in a dream
That you've came back
That I'll live)


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