Sharom - Zan Azaar

Zan Azaar


Lyrics: Sharom
Music: Amirabbas Golab
Arrangement: Mahyar Rezvan
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چشمهات خیرست به چشمهای یه دیوونه
You are staring into the eyes of a mad
به موجودی که از حست نمیدونه
To a creature who doesn’t know anything of your feeling
تو عمری توی آغوش کسی بودی
A life time, you were in the arms of someone who
که جز همخوابی از جنست نمیدونه
Doesn’t know from a woman but sleeping with her
تنت میلرزه از فریاد بی مرزش
You are trembling of his without-border scream
دلت میگیره از حرفهای بی مغزش
You feel upset of his nonsense words
کنار تخت لگد خوردی و افتادی
You were kicked and fell beside the bed
همه گفتن تلف شد واسه ی مردش
Everyone said she died for her man
تو آرایش بکن تا گمشه اون زخمهات
Yes. You make up, let your scars to be lost…
توآرایش بکن پیدا نشه غمهات
Yes. You make up, let your sorrows to be hide…
تو آرایش بکن تا گمشه اون روحی
You make up to lose the spirit
که مرده زیر رنگ سایه ی چشمهات
Which is died behind your eye shadows.
( قسمت رپ )
Rap Part
گریه نکن خورشید من آرایش کن
Don’t cry my sun. Make up.
آرایش کنو زندگیتو آغازش کن
Make up and restart your life.
پر بکش از این قلعه و برو
Fly out of this castle and go
این دیو سیاهو فقط به تنهایی محکومش کن
Sentence this black demon to his loneliness
تف به غیرت مردی که
Fuck the honor of a man who
بلند کنه دستو روی زنیکه
Wants to hit a woman who
لطیفه مثل گل
Is soft as a flower
ظریفه مثل بغض
Is delicate as a lump in a throat
نجیبه مثل اشک
Is decent as tears
به جای نوازش..به جای نوازش..به جای نوازش
Instead of caressing… Instead of caressing… Instead of caressing
صورت مادر کبود
The mother’s face is bruised
چشم شیطان خیس
Even the Evil’s eyes are wet
نفرت بچه از پدری که حیوانی بیش نیست
The son hatred of a father who is not but a beast
(قسمت راک)
Rock Part
اون از مردونگی چیزی نمیدونه
He has no idea what does it mean to be a MAN
فقط از مردی " نر " بودن رو میدونه
He just know how to be a MALE
نمیدونه که غیرت زور بازو نیست
He doesn’t know that honor, is not in arm power
که آوارش بریزه رو زن خونه
Which debris will fall on the house wife.


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