Ramin Bibak

Asheghooneh Dooset Daram

Ramin Bibak - 'Asheghooneh Dooset Daram'
Date Added March 18, 2013 Download Now Lyrics 84K Plays
Delam mikhad hame azat door beshan
delam mikhad faghat to bashi ba man,
in hame asheghoone dooset daram
nemikham in hesso azam begiran.

Mikham bedooni ghalbe man girete
eshghi ke daram be to bi bahoonast,
moratebe zendegi vaghti bashi
donyaye man donyaye asheghoonas.

Mikham negahet tanha male man she
mikham faghat asheghe man bemooni,
tamoome zendegit bashamo
dige ye lahzeam bedoone man natooni.

Por mikonam fekramo ba khialet
chizi bejoz eshghe to tu saram nist
vaghti mibinamet kenaram hasti
engari khabam tu bavaram nis.

Uni ke asheghet mimoone manam
bedoone to zendegi sar nemishe
joori ke fekresham barat ajibe
dooset daram dooset daram hamishe..


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