Pouya Saleki Dobare Dastamo Begir

Pouya Saleki

Dobare Dastamo Begir

Melody: Pouya Saleki
Arrangement: Abbas Latifi
Lyrics: Nazanin Zolghadr
Download Now Lyrics 118K Plays Added on: July 17, 2014
Ba Daste Khali oumadam, Hali be Hali oumadam
dobare dir residamo Sali be Sali oumadam
hamishe khaste oumadam, ye Del shekaste oumadam
Tufan be Keshti zadevo be Gel neshaste oumadam

Khoda, Khoda, Khoda dobare Dastamo begir
Khoda, Khoda, Khoda man oumadam, agarche dir
ba hame Ghadr nashnasi dobare Ghadr gereftamo
be Dar baste khordamo Ghoran be Sar gereftamo


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