Piclavier - 'Embellish'



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I see you, I know you better than anyone around
Sad or angry, I just want you safe and sound
Hold on, the world is waiting for us to break
As long as we have hope, nothing is theirs to take
I pull your heartstrings, when your tears are coming around / Hold on to me...
I calm the oceans, when the tides were taking you in / And I know the world...
I know your world has changed / I know your friends are gone
I know you think you're sad / Like there's no more sun
I know your life seems cold / I know you sleep in fear
I know you're unprepared / And the tears are real / I know the world has changed
Dive in, head first don't be afraid of winds of change
Believe me 'coz the ways of God are strange
Come on come on, a few teardrops 'til we reach the light
As we march, the angels walk with us tonight
I move the world if, what you want it is not there to find / Swing with my arms
Love is right here, next to where you will never look / And know the world


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