Baziar - 'Alive'



Lyrics: Frank Wildhorn
Music: Frank Wildhorn
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What is this feeling of power and drive
Ive never known, I feel alive!
Where does this feeling of power derive
Making me know, why Im alive
Like the night its a secret
Sinister, dark, and unknown
I do not know what I seek, yet Ill seek it alone
I have a thirst that I cannot deprive
Never have I, felt so alive!
There is no battle I couldnt survive
Feeling like this, feeling alive!
Like the moon, an enigma
Lost and alone in the night
Damned by some heavenly stigma
But blazing with life!
Its the feeling of being alive
Filled with evil but truly alive
Its the truth that cannot be denied
Its the feeling of being Edward Hyde
Whats this?
Sweet miss
I thought I had lost you
Its fate
What bliss
Sweet miss
Your folly will cost you dear
My dear
Youll see
Youll never escape me a meal
I fear
You will pay dear
My dear
Animals trapped behind bars in the zoo
Need to run rampant and free!
Predators leave for the prey the pursue
This time the predators me!
Lost in a raging desire
Fills my whole soul with its curse
Burning with primitive fire
Berserk and perverse
Tonight, Ill plunder heaven blind
Steal from all the gods
Tonight, Ill take from all mankind
Conquer all the odds!
And I feel Ill live on forever
With Satan himself by my side!
And Ill show the world that tonight
And forever the name to remembers the name Edward Hyde!
What a feeling to be so alive
I have never seen me so alive
Such a feeling of evil inside
Thats the feeling of being Edward Hyde!
And this feeling of being alive
Theres a new world I see come alive
Its a truth that cannot be denied
Theres no feeling like being Edward Hyde!



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