Babak Gharibi Leyla

Babak Gharibi


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Leyla, Leyla, to ey Arume Junom bia
Leyla, Leyla to Yare Mehrabunom bia
tu Dehe Balavo Payin Jange
ay sare Cheshat Jange, vay sare Cheshat Jange
miduni nabashi Delom tange
Vaveyla, Vaveyla, Vaveyla Leyla, Leyla
Deleshun Asheghe Leyla

To ke Yare Mehrabun, Arume Jun, ye Hamzabuni
Khoda kone ke ta Abad kenare man bemuni!
tu Holyavo Sofla sare Cheshmaye to Jange
sare Cheshmayi ke hame migan Morvaridrange


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