Amir Masoud

Mano Bebakhsh

Date Added February 16, 2013 Download Now Lyrics 47K Plays
mano bebakhsh
age khabe to mibinam
age paye to mishinam
age divoonatam
mano bebin
bi to taghat nemiaram
na mikhabam na bidaram
hanooz divoonatam
elahi bemiram
ke kheili zood
mano be ye eshghe taze foorookhtio rafti
hamishe ba to boodan
tamoome arezoom bood
donbale to migashtam o axe to rooberoom bood
mano bebakhsh
age miay hamash to too falam
age nisti kheili bade halam
mano bebakhsh vase in karam
mano bebakhsh dooset daram
age ba to hasam aroomam
age ye an nabashi daghoonam
age ta akharin shabe donya
hamishe kenare to mimoonam
mano bebakhsh age bakhshidi man miram
cheshamo bastam vali didam
hanooz divoonatam
mano bebin age ba gerye mikhabam
bi ghararmo bitabam
hanooz divoonatam


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