Ali Abdolmaleki


Date Added May 17, 2011 Download Now Lyrics 45K Plays
haghighat dare ya khabe k dastet toye dastashe
mahale oon nemitone mese man asheghet bashe
bahash khoshbakhto aroomi saret roo shoneye one
yeroozi male man boodi vali ino nemidoone
nemidoone k daste too to dastaye manam boode
behesh begoo k aghoshet ye vaght jaye manam boode
begoo chi beyne ma boode sare eshghet chi ovordi
oonam harfatoo bavar kard vase oonam ghasam khordi
mano yadet miad ya na hamoon k asheghesh boodi
cheghadr rahat yeki dige jamo por kard b in zoodi


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